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What are cookies?

Cookies are text small files which are placed on your computer’s hard drive when you visit a website and send information from your browser to the web server about how you use the website. They are anonymous bits of code that allow us to provide a faster, more efficient and more relevant service to our customers. There are different types of cookies which we use in different ways and these are outlined below.

What types of cookies do we use?

Session cookies
Session cookies only last for the time you are on the site (e.g. to remember what product you put in your shopping basket while in the check-out process) and are deleted when you close your internet browser. Session cookies (i.e. ‘ASPSESSIONID********’) are essential to the use of our site as it is not possible to complete key processes on our website, such as buying or booking a balloon flight, without them.

Persistent cookies
Persistent cookies remain on your computer across visits to the website for a re-defined period of time unless they are deleted. This means the site can remember your preferences and making it quicker and easier to use when you return.

Affiliate Marketing - If you come to our site via a special offer on certain partner websites we will set a persistent cookie (‘offercode’) to ensure you receive the specific offer and to ensure the sale is correctly attributed to that partner. Currently such a cookie will last for 90 days from when you clicked the initial link unless it is deleted. This means you will automatically be presented with the special offer when you return.

Google Analytics – The Cookies _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz and _qca are set by us so we can use Google Analytics to help us learn how popular our website is, how people are finding it and how they use it so we can make it easier to find and use. The cookies do not contain personal or confidential information, but does use your IP address to find out where in the world you are viewing the site from and to see which pages you visit on our site.

Third party cookies
Advertising Partners – Our partner Merchenta helps us to deliver relevant adverts to customers and to measure the effectiveness of our advertising. Some persistent cookies are set by publishers within their network for this purpose.

Social Media Sharing - In some places on our website we use tools known as ‘plugins’ from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ which allow you to share things you like more easily. The plugins allow the social networks to use cookies to improve their service. Their specific cookie usage policies can be viewed on their websites.

How do I control cookies?

You can disable all non-essential cookies (persistent & third party cookies) by clicking the disable link below. We will set a cookie to remember that you have disabled non-essential cookies when you return to the site. (Please note this may prevent you from using a particular special offer.)

Current Status

Cookies currently enabled | Disable non-essential cookies

For further information about managing and disabling cookies, you can refer to your browser's help section.

If you disable all cookies via your browser you will be unable to purchase or book a flight through the site but you are welcome to contact us and do so by telephone.

For more information about how cookies work and can be managed visit the Interactive Advertising Bureau at

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